Make your birthday go with a bang with a stunning firework display! We have packages ranging from just £600 for a short, high impact aerial display to £3000 for a full 12-15 minute spectacular. For residential and areas with livestock, we can use low-noise fireworks which do not explode once launched into the air. These are visually stunning but without the thunderous bangs.

In addition to our standard packages, we can provide bespoke pyro-musicals (fireworks choreographed to music of your choice) with prices starting from £1500. Musical firework displays can also be effectively choreographed with low-noise fireworks.

Displays £600 - £1000

(Fireworks on their own)

Pyro-musical Displays From £1500

(Fireworks choreographed to music of your choice)

Displays £1250 - £3000

(Fireworks on their own)

Display Extras From £35

(add-ons and options)


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