Not surprisingly, bonfire / November season is a very busy time for us. In particular, Nov 5th and the nearest weekend. Bonfire events range from small (200-500 spectators) to very large (50,000+ spectators). We cater for all size events during bonfire season however due to high demand, we do have some minimum budget requirements.

For off-peak dates (e.g. mid-week and not close to Nov 5th) our bonfire displays start at £1,000 ex. VAT for a 10-minute performance suitable for a small crowd e.g. 200-300 people. This is ideal for PTA and small fund-raising events.

For Nov 5th our minimum budget is typically £3,000 (£5,000 if it falls on a weekend) however please enquire with details and date of your event for a custom quotation.

Superheroes Themed Bonfire Fireworks

Bonfire Fireworks - Kenley Primary School

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Large-scale Public Event Fireworks


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