A professional firework display for your wedding, birthday or any event needn't cost the Earth! Our displays start at just £600. We use the same high-quality, large-calibre effects in ALL our displays. The budget simply determines how much of them we can use. Our focus is always on quality over quantity. Your audience are more likely to remember a short but breath-taking choreography of high-impact fireworks as opposed to a low-impact performance, one firework after another that drags on for 20 minutes.

For each of our packages we have a high-quality video available so you can see exactly what you will get for your money. Just click on the play icon on the images next to the package details:



Our entry-level display package provides superb value for money without compromising quality. By keeping a short duration we are able to use the same type of premium quality material as used in our larger displays to provide a truly stunning finale to your wedding without costing the earth.

* Duration 4-5 minutes

* Fired from 1 position

* Aerial shells up to 100mm

* Local venues only (50 mile radius of NN1)


* Duration 5-6 minutes

* Fired from 1-3 positions

* Aerial shells up to 125mm

A thrilling array of colour and glitter bursts, accompanied by multi-shot roman candles arranged in lattice formations. This packages starts with brilliant white fountains and twinkling strobes, quickly developing into an explosive multi-layered display of fire and colour. This display features huge aerial shell bursts at heights up to 500ft in the sky.



* Duration 5-7 minutes

* Fired from 3 positions

* Aerial shells up to 125mm

Our GOLD fireworks package is very popular at weddings, birthdays and private celebrations. It offers a higher-impact display that is guaranteed to impress you and your guests. Medium and large-bore roman candles fill the sky with bouquets of twinkling glitter and colour, whilst giant aerial shells burst at heights up to 500ft in the sky. Features over 1000 effects and bursts



* Duration 7-9 minutes

* Fired from 3 positions

* Aerial shells up to 150mm


This is our most popular display for weddings and private celebrations. Lasting up to 9 minutes, this grand display will impress the most discerning of guests - "truly epic" we've been told! Vibrant colourful bursts form a canopy of stars that rain down from the heavens whilst brilliant glittering comets dance in lattice formations from the ground upwards, filling the sky and wowing your guests.


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