If you are looking for something truly magical, nothing beats a display of fireworks perfectly choreographed to your favourite song(s). Using our state-of-the-art FireByWire firing system, we can choreograph effects to with 100th of a second which allows us to design truly breath-taking displays which will make your favourite piece of music come alive in the night sky. For small events (up to 200 people) we can provide a small but powerful PA system (included in the price).

Our musical performances start at just £1500 which is adequate for 1 full song or 2 shortened songs (recommended duration 3-4 minutes). All pyro-musical quotes are bespoke - let us know your song choice(s) and we will give you a custom quotation.

The following clips will give you an idea of our recent musical work and the relative costs involved.


* Duration 3-4 minutes

* Fired from 3 positions

* Aerial shells up to 100mm

Salford Hall - Single Song

This short 4-minute display was performed for a wedding at Salford Hall. The client chose the song which is Take That - Greatest Day, a perfect song choice for a wedding! You can choose any song and we will choreograph the fireworks to dance in time with the beats of the music


* Duration 3-4 minutes

* Fired from 5 positions

* Aerial shells up to 150mm

This example demonstrates a higher budget of fireworks over a short duration (one song). This allows us to use 5 firing positions with more punctuation and higher-calibre fireworks throughout. Perfect if you want to make a huge impression without costing the earth.

It Must Be Love (Single Song)


* Duration 6-7 minutes

* Fired from 3-5 positions

* Aerial shells up to 150mm

This video demonstrates a choreography we recently provided for a corporate event. This display features two popular songs, Coldplay - Sky Full Of Stars and Jessie J - Bang Bang (great choices for fireworks)! Duration here is a little longer at 6.5 minutes, a great balance of quality vs. duration for smaller events, without compromising quality

Coldplay & Jessie J (Two Songs)


* Duration 10 minutes

* Fired from 5 positions

* Aerial shells up to 250mm

Boughton House (Three Songs)

Here is an example of a 10-minute, high-impact choreography to classical music. Fired for a corporate event at the stunning Boughton House in Northamptonshire, this display is fired from 5 firing sites using aerial shells up to 250mm, which explode at a height of 800ft with a 800ft radius - truly gigantic!


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