If you have a large budget at your disposal, the possibilities are endless and the sky really is the limit (excuse the pun)! The higher the budget, the more fireworks we can use to give both a higher-impact performance and, if required, duration. It also allows us to have more firing positions on the ground which allows for more precise punctuation and intricate firework patterns.

Take a look at these videos from recent events which will give you an idea of what can be achieved with a larger budget:


* Duration 10 minutes

* Fired from 5 positions

* Aerial shells up to 150mm+

Public Event - Dance Party

This stunning 10-minute choreography is an example of what can be achieved with a higher-budget (£750 per minute). This allows us to fire from 5 firing positions with a constant barrage of effects and precise punctuation from start to finish.  


* Duration 10 minutes

* Fired from 7 positions

* Aerial shells up to 150mm+

Ever wondered what an award-winning firework display looks like? Then watch this video! This display won us first place in the prestigious Firework Champions Event held at Stanford Hall in 2016. This features music from a wide spectrum of genres and decades, a true crowd-pleasing performance. The budget allows us to use 7 firing positions for truly mesmerising patterns and choreography.

Stanford Hall - Public Event


* Duration 15+ minutes

* Fired from 9 positions

* Aerial shells up to 150mm+

A fantastic demonstration of what can be achieved with a large (£20k+) firework budget. This display is choreographed to a variety of musical genres. The event is enjoyed by 30,000+ spectators against the stunning backdrop of Victoria Park in Southport.

Southport - Large-Scale Public Event


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