With fireworks becoming increasingly popular at weddings, we are proud to provide around 100 displays each year for weddings all over the UK. Our standard wedding firework packages range from £600 for a short, high impact aerial display to £3000 for a full 12-15 minute spectacular. For residential and areas with livestock, we can use low-noise fireworks which do not explode once launched into the air.

In addition to our standard packages, we can provide bespoke pyro-musicals (fireworks choreographed to music of your choice) with prices starting from £1500. Musical firework displays are also ideal when a low-noise display is required.

Displays £600 - £1000

(Fireworks on their own)

Pyro-musical Displays From £1500

(Fireworks choreographed to music of your choice)

Displays £1250 - £3000

(Fireworks on their own)

Display Extras From £35

(add-ons and options)


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